DFS Associates Tax Efficiency Services Tokyo Japan’s Executive Information: Agenda & Content

DFS Associates Executive Briefing will orient you into the complex process of effectively selling a business, including the following topics:


  • Determining Market Value and why it normally amounts to about 80% of the premium you stand to gain for your business.


  • How and where to locate the most possible buyers.


  • Reasons why successful public firms buy-out private firms, although smaller or not related to their fundamental operations.


  • Choosing the best time to sell in order to maximize a company's selling price.


  • Learning the negotiation skills needed to achieve a successful sale.


  • Reasons why Tokyo, Japan firms are most preferred by global acquirers nowadays.


  • Differentiating between an economic buyer and a strategic buyer.


  • Learning how economic conditions and events influence M&A deals.


DFS Associates is recognized as a trusted investment banking company worldwide, recognized as a leader in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, tax efficiency and divestitures, especially in the middle tiers of the private sector.


DFS Associates mission is to become an unparalleled global investment-banking firm for the private middle market, especially in providing excellent client service.

Source: http://dfsassociates.tome.press/dfs-associates-tax-efficiency-services-tokyo-japans-executive-information-agenda-content